Laser Therapy (Vein Treatment)

At Adexcel Aesthetics Clinic we offer diverse types of laser treatment for thread and spider veins.

Laser technology for facial veins (broken capillaries) utilizes very specific wavelengths of high-energy pulsed light to penetrate the skin without causing damage. The depth, size, and colour of the problem vein determine the wavelength, power, pulse width, and pulse interval used. *

Laser light heats the vein, causing it to coagulate, close off, and be absorbed by the body.

How it works:

We utilize laser technology for the treatment of small veins. The results of sclerotherapy are usually fully visible after 3 to 6 weeks. Most patients are satisfied with the results. To preserve the results of sclerotherapy, patients should maintain an active, healthy lifestyle after the procedure. The AA expert will discuss all these risks with you and address any other concerns you may have about Laser and alternate therapies inkling topical products. *

Procedure Duration
30 Minutes estimated
Pain Rating
Yes topical
24hrs. *