Dr London High Potency Sublingual Glutathione Powder


Dr London High Potency Glutathione Powder 1500mg and 500mg Vitamin C (Reduced Liposomal Glutathione).  

The strongest we could make:
This Glutathione was created with our consumer’s in mind, knowing that Glutathione is only effective when it bypasses the gastric acid, hence we created the strongest possible Glutathione product that we can sell at a reasonable price. This triple strength Glutathione powder contains 1500mg of Reduced Glutathione along with Vitamin C 500mg per scoop.

Product Description

Why purchase sublingual Glutathione from us: 
  • Triple Strength Glutathione is manufactured and packaged in an FDA registered and inspected facilities
  • This Glutathione is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) approved and compliant.
  • Each scoop gives you 1500mg of the most potent form of Glutathione, Reduced Glutathione and Vitamin C 500mg  with over 90 scoops in a jar.
  • This product is suitable for all adults and can be used by vegetarian, vegans and pescetarian
  • This product contains no: Sugar, Salt, Starch, Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Milk, Egg, Shellfish or Preservatives.


Take 1/2 scoop under your tongue daily, preferably before meal.

For skin lightening and even effects, take 1 scoop daily  under your tongue daily for 5 days, omit for 2 days and recommence 5days and 2 days, preferably before meals. Do not exceed stated dose.

Ingredients: Serving Size: 1  scoop

Servings Per Container: 100g

Glutathione Liposomal (reduced, liposomal): 1500mg per scoop
Vitamin C Liposomal: 500mg

N-Acetyl Glutamine: +++

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine: +++

Glycine: +++

Other ingredients: Lecithin


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