Chemical peels are an effective, non-invasive treatment procedure that allows the removal of small wrinkles, signs of ageing, skin spots, uneven pigmentation, melasma, freckles and blemishes by improving the texture and tone of the skin.

Skin blemishes are one of major concerns considered unsightly and causes accelerated aging of the skin. They are more common in both men and women, our skins get blemishes due to the influence of harmful factors such as sun, tobacco, excessive alcohol use, acne scarring and / or stress, among others. It may also be directly related to some hormonal activity (pregnancy, oral contraceptives, menopause, treatment procedures, medical conditions, medication side effects) and with the sun exposure or unhealthy eating habit.


The peeling substances support the skin desquamation following the application of substances that act on the outer layer of the skin and penetrate in depth (superficial or medium) layer of the skin.

Surface peeling penetrates 0.6 mm. – thickness of the epidermis – while other peels can reach the papillary dermis. They act on the most superficial layers of the skin, producing a whitening effect and closing the pores. The peeling will be performed in several sessions with an interval of between 1-3 weeks depending on skin type, active substance to be used (type of peeling) and patient tolerance to peeling.

Our expert practitioners tailor each chemical peel treatment to best serve your skin care need. We will discuss and explore our selection of chemical peels with you during your consultation and the peels we offer. Our most popular peels are TCA, salicylic acid, glycolic and Enerpeel among others. Whether you are looking to tackle stubborn brown spots, dark knuckle or achieve a glow for a special occasion, our clinic will guide you in choosing the ideal peel for your skin. We can control the intensity of a chemical peel by adjusting the amount of time the peel is applied and its strength. Our clinic utilizes chemical peel that reduces the effects of sun damage, fine wrinkles, skin tone and uneven pigmentation.

At the AA Clinic, we provide procedures to bring out inner beauty on all levels, including the skin. Therefore, we offer facial chemical peels to reveal the healthy youthful skin underneath.

 (1:1) TCA Chemical Peel: 

TCA peels are strong enough to provide noteworthy results to your face or skin and requires no anaesthesia. Most patients have minimal discomfort and report a mild burning sensation.  Your skin will turn brown and peel over five to ten days to reveal a healthy more refreshed appearance.

Patients are advised to avoid exposure to intense sunlight for the first few weeks following the peel and comply with our aftercare protocol and skin care.

(2:2) Enerpeel Chemical Peel:

Enerpeel® is a combined TCA and lactic acid peel which also delivers Kojic acid into the skin to promote the reduction of age and sun spots on areas that ages quickly but are often neglected: your hands, eyes and upper lip.

After just one session, you’ll notice an instant improvement, with skin that feels softer and looks subtly younger.

Enerpeel  works on the skin from the inside out and can be customised for every skin problem.

Enerpeel works for any skin conditions such as rosecea, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, decollate and skin lax to boost tighten, rejuvenate  and remodel the skin to its normal supple self. The AA skin consultant may recommend some home care use products for you for best result and maintenance.

    • Enerpeel Eye & Lip peel
    • Enerpeel Mandelic Peel for Rose
    • Enerpeel Actknic for Back acne
    • Enerpeel Pyruvic for Skin tightening.
    • Enerpeel Salicylic  for Facial Acne
    • Enerpeel Jessner for all skin types

A total of 3 to 4 treatments will bring about a more dramatic transformation, lending you healthier and younger looking skin.

Offered as a package to provide optimal results.

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(3:3) Salicylic Acid Chemical Peel: 

Salicylic Acid is anti-inflammatory peel that penetrates and dissolves oil surface, combats bacteria, improves collagen synthesis and helps remove dark spots left behind by acne or blemishes.

Treatment may include skin analysis, corrective cleansing, acid peel strength specific to your needs, and hydrating sun protective moisturizer.

Ideal for oily or acne-prone skin.

Offered as a package to provide optimal results.

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(4:4) Glycolic Peel:  

This peel is designed to remove the very top layer of the skin (epidermis) by giving instant radiant and glowing look. The Glycolic products are derived from sugar cane, which makes them natural and comes in different strength (40% and 70%).

They are good for improving skin texture, refreshing dull looking skin, good for removing superficial skin blemishes and general skin texture rejuvenations.

Offered as a package to provide optimal results.