Tear troughs are the dented regions located below the eye forming at the boarder where relatively thin skin joins thicker skin from the nose and cheek (malar pad). Tear troughs appear in people of all ages, but the pronunciations differ from one individual to the next for a number of reasons including weight loss, weight gains, signs of aging or a simply a genetic predisposition. Nonetheless, deep hollows can leave you looking exhausted regardless of the number of hours you’ve slept, in this case, a small amount of soft dermal filler placed underneath the skin can be transformational. A cannula (long blunt needle) will be used to distribute soft filler (HA) product to the dented regions till desired effect is reached. Theres is a small/ high risks to this area as there are risks of severing small blood vessels and thus, the risk of bruising and swelling. A small amount of numbing cream is applied prior to the procedure to minimise any discomfort and the results re instant leaving you looking refreshed and rejuvenated with little to no downtime!

Procedure Duration
30 Minutes estimated
Pain Rating
Immediately *