The non-surgical weight loss treatment (fat-melting injection) at the Adexcel Aesthetic Clinic is a method for eliminating small to medium areas of adipose tissue on the body and face without any surgical intervention. A weight loss substance is introduced into the tissue, which causes fat cells to burst and released fat is then eliminated through the liver. Once fat cells are removed they do not grow back.

In addition to known substances such as Phosphocol, we have introduced an innovative mixture that produces only minimal swelling in the facial regions (sodium deoxycholate).

Indications for treatment:
Double chin (Turkey neck)
Sagging cheeks
Belly (Stubborn fats)
Buttocks (bum)
Adipose tissue in the armpit area
Upper arms
Bags under the eyes
Orange skin
Back Roll

How does it feel?
The stubborn fat area is punctured by a very thin needles directly into the skin with substances.

The treatment may slightly sting but a numbing cream may be applied on request before treatment.

What can I expect from the treatment?
A reduction of the adipose tissue is visible in the face, for sagging cheeks and double chin we recommend 2-3 treatments.

Larger regions like the belly may need some 5 treatments.

Cellulitis bumps are smoothed.

When do I see the results?
You will see the result after about 4 weeks. A small bruise at the injection site may be visible for 2-3 days.

How many treatments do I need?
We recommend between 2 and 5 treatments. Depending on the region, we also offer package prices.

What is the fat melting injection?

The substance specifically stimulates fat cells to destroy themselves through the method of inflammation, causing the fat cells to burst and eliminate through the liver.

The inflammation in the tissue also leads to a tightening effect, which we use to our advantage on double chin, sagging and orange-peel skin.

How does the treatment work?
On request, a numbing cream may be applied 30 minutes before treatment. After a photographic documentation of the initial findings, the treatment is carried out by injection. After the treatment there is a cooling phase of 20-30minutes.

Two different substances are available for the treatment of double chin and sagging cheeks. One which, thanks to the strong inflammatory reaction, causes a good tightening and another which produces only a slight inflammation.

We will discuss this with you at your consultation and decide which one to use depending on the tissue and areas to be treated.

With the Phosphocol, swelling may last up to a week but this will not prevent you from completing your daily activities and no down time other than mild sensation to the treated area.