Mesotherapy is known as a non surgical bio-skin rejuvenation technique to deliver essential vitamins, collagen, and / or other medications into the skin through many small injections. Mesotherapy is a technique used to reduce appearance of wrinkles and boost collagen growth factor in the skin for a more youthful appearance.

Mesotherapy works by replenishing damaged skin through micro-injections with a mixture of vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid, thereby improving skin blood circulation, tones and firms the skin texture by super-hydrating the skin (depending on product used).

The delivery of mesotherapy with combination of active ingredients stimulates the production of dermal collagen, causing collagen fibres to retract, compacting them and fighting flaccidity by producing a tensing effect on the skin. Thus diminishes and smooths wrinkles caused by sagging skin, and  production of an immediate firming action which improves the skin’s firmness and increases elasticity.

Mesotherapy procedure

Procedure Duration: 30 Minutes estimated

Duration of results: Long lasting 10-12months if completed course estimated

Techniques: micro-injection estimated

Anaesthetic: None required is usually required. For lower pain threshold, topical anaesthetics may be applied

Results: 24hrs.

Side effects: minimal bruising, swelling, redness, anaphylaxis, allergy *

How Mesotherapy is performed: Mesotherapy is a fast and nearly painless procedure that is commonly used for skin boosting and youthful all round facial presentation. At the AA clinic, our skin care specialist will cleanse your face using rubbing alcohol and inject the mesotherapy solution into your skin using a small needles or mesogun. The depth of the injections can vary depending on what layer of the skin being targeted for treatment. A common treatment regimen is to have one injection every 2 weeks for a month, then once every month for two months, and then just every 6 months.

Mesotherapy refers to the injection technique itself—what’s in the injections can vary. Mesotherapy solutions are usually composed of natural mixtures of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, plant extracts, essential oils or your own blood (PRP), but can contain other medications as well. We will inform you about the mesotherapy solution we are proposing to use at your consultation.

Recovery and results: There is no downtime to mesotherapy, but there are risks of bruising, inflammation, and infection.

Rejuvenating: AA Clinic treatment completes PRP for reducing the signs of skin ageing, injuries, scarring and hair loss treatment. The different active ingredients in this product have great moisture absorbing properties which pass into the skin. this makes it the best product for restoring and maintaining the ideal level of moisture in the skin.

Mesotherapy for Cellulite, Slimming & Fat

Mesotherapy is a breakthrough non-surgical treatment for cellulite and localized fat reduction. It employs micro-injections of very small doses of mesotherapy medications that have high anti-cellulite and fat burning qualities. By delivering these medications into the mesoderm (middle layer of the skin) mesotherapy treatment stimulates skin repair, melts fat cells and destroys connective tissue bands responsible for the appearance of the cellulite or fat bulge.

We can be selective in the areas that needs to be treated and flush fat deposits in the body

Mesotherapy is a safe non-surgical treatment that does not require general anaesthetics, no down time or hospitalisation.

How Many Treatments?

Usually 3 to 4 treatments (injections) are required at week /months intervals depending on the problem area, and the number of procedures could increase.

Mesotherapy is a safe, natural alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures.