Dermal Fillers

As the face ages it loses its fullness, becomes more hollowed in areas as collagen breaks down forming fine lines and wrinkles, and facial bones begin to shift. Over time, as the fat pads begin to slip and the skin become more lax, the lower half of the face becomes fuller and the face begins to narrow, looking longer and more drawn. One of the best ways to hit the refresh button on your appearance is by replenishing the volume your skin has lost with fillers. *


What is a dermal filler? Dermal Fillers are Hyaluronic acid polysaccharide that is present in different tissues of all human being. It plays a very important role in the cutaneous structure and is responsible for skin elasticity. Dermal Fillers can also retain a large amount of water around it, which brings volume to the tissues for maximum hydration. Hyaluronic acid provides hydration and texture to the skin, and absorbs water as it degrades (isovolemic degradation) so even when the product is gone, it still gives the skin a fresh look.
Dermal Filler is given in the form of small injections underneath the skin which are practically painless as its mainly mixed with lidocaine for your comfort, although before the treatment we will discuss local anesthetic cream with you. Hyaluronic acid (Dermal Fillers) implants are cross-linked and uncross linked, they are not permanent and reabsorbed over time indicating its safety and effectiveness.
In general, dermal fillers can last from four months to two years, depending on the degree of crosslinking of the material. Afterwards the treatment should be repeated to regularly achieve a young and impeccable appearance. At your consultation, the AA Clinic Specialist will discuss with you the fillers that is appropriate for your need, the use, durations, etc. so that you can decide the best fillers for your need.


Dermal Filler treatment

Procedure Duration
30 Minutes estimated
Duration of results
Long lasting 10-12months if completed course estimated
micro-injection estimated
None required is usually required. For lower pain threshold, topical anaesthetics may be applied
24hrs. *

We utilize laser technology for the treatment of small veins on the face. The results of sclerotherapy are usually fully visible after 3 to 6 weeks. Most patients are satisfied with the results. To preserve the results of sclerotherapy, patients should maintain an active, healthy lifestyle after the procedure.

The AA expert will discuss all these risks with you and address any other concerns you may have about Laser and alternate therapies inkling topical products.